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State of my nation

I read Larisa’s post and was surprised to hear that there are people entering a game lull at the moment. Pondering this I also realised that I recently celebrated my 4-year WoWiversary – I started playing in Nov/Dec 2005. I certainly never expected that I would still be playing that many years on.

So I thought now would be a good time to have a look at where I am at and what I want to do – what is the state of the Land of Tuf?


Tufva - human priestTufva

My main (though not originally – my first level 60 was a very nooby hunter). She was holy from level 1 until dual specs hit (apart from one very enjoyable evening as shadow in Heroic Botanica way back when). I healed our guilds very first raid ever (Karazhan, early Dec 2007) and have done so until ICC hit when we ended up having too many healers and I pewpewed my way through it until recently. Exhilarating – a completely different game but on the same character.

It looks like I’ll need to fit her out in T10 on both specs as quickly as possible, so I am going to have to do some proper research on the best way of doing that. I still can’t quite get that our little social guild will be downing Arthas as a 25-man raid. At the start of Wrath we were rejoicing because we would be able to progress all the way as a 10-man guild, but somehow we acquired so many nice people at the start of TotC that we’ve ended up being a 25-man team instead of a 10-man team.

Tuf has a lot of achievements, but there are still loads more I would like to pursue:

  • Ulduar hardmodes
  • Finish off heroic 5-man achievements (both of which would help towards:)
  • The top level mount achievement
  • The top level pet achievement
  • The top level tabard achievement
  • Getting 40 reps to Exalted
  • Naxx, EoE and OS achievements
  • Completing Trial of the Grand Crusader (4/5 in 10 and 1/5 in 25)
  • Killing Yogg-Saron on 25-man setting (We downed Yoggie as a 10-man raid, but ended up doing TotC as a 25-man raid. We did go back to do Ulduar25 just because, but never got around to finishing off Yogg. He needs to die.)

I’d also love to go back and root out any and all tailoring and enchanting recipes out there, but I don’t think I will ever find the time to do that.


Maieve - NE druidMaieve

My kitty druid recently dinged 80 (my 2nd level 80). She was created back in vanilla WoW and was levelled a few levels here and there, but then always put back in an inn somewhere to languish for months on end. I tried feral and balance in various incarnations, but never got on with either.

One day I decided it was high time I got another level 80 as having my own JC would be very, very useful. So I dusted the desert sand off of my poor little druid, respecced from boomkin to kitty, sent her some heirlooms and some kitty greens from the AH. She zoomed off to Outland in no time (she was 56) and then onto Northrend. I had a great time levelling my little kitty (though levelling the mining was less fun) and I now really, really enjoy playing her. (Though I am still struggling getting the hang of melee positioning when in a group.)

I would love to get her kitted out as far as possible in T9 (she has 2 pcs so far, she got a lot of EoTs from doing the normal daily random while levelling). I need to so some research on where I can find some nice pieces for slots that can’t be bought from badges.

One day I hope to try my hand at bear-tanking, but that means more research, probably a dual-spec and more gear, so that is lower on the priority list.

I know it probably makes me a masochist, but I really like doing the holiday achievements and since Tuf now has her purple drake (even though Max insists it is pink), Maieve is next up. She already is a Love Fool and an Elder, only a few more to go.


Cielinne - BE mageCielinne

I thought that after 4 years of playing Alliance (apart from levelling a Blood Elf to 20 when they were new and shiny), I really ought to see the Horde side of the game before the Cataclysm hits.

Cielinne is a Blood Elf mage on another server (might as well, right?). I didn’t get on with the mage class last time I tried it, but this time around I’m loving it.

She is doing very well in spite of having to break new ground. No heirlooms, no high level main to feed her gold or crafted items. She’s level 41 at the time of writing and has her very own bank alt managing her investments in the ore and leather markets. I have a feeling that it won’t be an issue getting epic flight at this rate.

My aim is to get her to 80 and get Loremaster and Explorer done. And I’d really like to get her the title “of Thunder Bluff” as she is a Tauren at heart (closet roleplayer – who, me?).


Kyrienne - human paladinKyrienne

Now that I’ve started down the path of having multiple top level characters to fulfill my crafting needs, I feel a herbalist/alchemist would be really useful. I did enjoy the first 20 levels of being a ret paladin, so once Cielinne has her boxes ticked it will be time to re-spec Kyri’s professions, add any new heirlooms that are available and head for 80 yet again.

With the Dungeon Finder now available I’m going to make sure she has a tank action bar set up and a sword and shield in her bags and see how that feels. (eeep!)



I always knew that I’d want to level a character through the whole post-Cataclysm world, not just the top 5 levels. And I was going to level through the Worgen start areas (and the goblin ones, but that character will become a bank alt – seems fitting somehow), that was always a given.
Then I saw the Underworld Evolution movie and really liked the werewolf Lucian, he was a great character. When he fought as a human he dual-wielded big daggers.
Lucianne the Worgen rogue was created as soon as the movie finished. (Well, not quite obviously, but I have tagged the name.)


Deanah - NE hunterDeanah

Yrsa was my first main. My first character getting past level 24 (there were multitudes before her that were tried and eventually deleted). She was first to 60 and first through the dark portal, but once she hit 67/68 I fell out of love. I don’t quite know why.

She spent most of the Burning Crusade cooped up in the inn in Area 52. I did at one point level her up to 70, but the spark wasn’t there. So I dropped her off in Nagrand – seemed like a place a night elf hunter might enjoy.

Once Tufva had been 80 for some time, I thought it would be useful to have another level 80. The easiest thing would of course be to level the highest alt I have. I tried, I really did and I did quite enjoy it (I think), but she got to level 72 and then I got caught up in main business again.

I am determined to get her levelled and to get my head around huntering at some point, so I will give it another good go in Cataclysm.

I think she deserves a better name though. When I started playing I ended up unimaginatively naming all my characters old Swedish names. Tufva is still around of course, but I cannot imagine changing her name – it is me! Alfva is nowadays my bank alt, Ylfva became Maieve and I’m renaming Yrsa after the Roman goddess of the hunt (though I am taking quite the liberty with the spelling).



As I was working my way through this I realised that I will be wanting to level a character post-Cataclysm Horde side as well and I’m thinking Blood Elf warlock.

I’ve never managed to get on with playing an Alliance warlock, to me it just doesn’t quite fit. But a Blood Elf warlock I think would work really well.

Thinking of demons and such I of course think Lilith. But I find that name a bit harsh, so am leaning towards Lilieth, Liliandra or some such variation. Will need some thinking, but I think that I have some time yet.


The DK scribe

While making this list it occurred to me that Inscription for glyphs and maybe useful trinkets come Cataclysm would be a great addition to the team. And I’ve always been intrigued by the gas cloud extraction abilities of Engineering. And there’s some BoE pets I could make for Tuf.

Looking over the classes I would at that point already have priest, druid, mage and paladin. I have earmarked rogue, hunter and warlock for levelling post-Cataclysm. That leaves me with the options of shaman, DK and warrior. I’ve tried leveling a Draenai before and the tail really, really freaks me out. Really. So that means shaman is out for the moment.
So I think a DK is the way to go. They are quite different from other classes playstyle-wise which will be a fun learning curve and by the time I get to it – I think a shorter leveling curve might be welcome!

I will need to spend some time working on a good name though. I don’t want anything Death Knight themed, I want her to have a name that she would have had before, but that still kind of works. Hmm…


So those are my current plans. I keep thinking I’d like to learn how to play battlegrounds, but that will have to wait for WoW 5.0.


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