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Doing the raid admin for a small-ish raid group within a social guild I have noticed that most people seem to fall into 3 categories when it comes to raid sign-ups (and quite probably other activities as well).


apples_freedigitalphotosA is for Apple

Apples are planners. Due to personal inclination or because of a busy schedule, they prefer to know well in advance when they will be raiding. They can tell you with 100% certainty which nights they are available to raid and which ones are not possible. This need to plan things out also makes them very dependable. Barring major trauma or a city-wide blackout, they will be there for raid start.


berries_freedigitalphotosB is for Blueberry

Blueberries are the opposite of apples. They don’t like to be tied down, to be committed. Systems where if you want to raid you show up for invite time are perfect for blueberries. That way they can be free to raid if they fancy it and not if they don’t. If you run a system with advance sign-ups, the dependability of a blueberry goes down in proportion to how far in advance of raid day they have to commit to the raid.


carrots_freedigitalphotosC is for Carrot

Carrots don’t mind planning in things in advance, but on a shorter timescale. An apple can tell you what evenings they can raid in 2 weeks time, but a carrot time scale is more like 2 days. Carrots often having leanings towards being either appley or blue.

Appley carrots are really apples that due to work or family commitments cannot plan as far ahead as they would like. This means that generally appley carrots can be counted on to show up when they have said they will, but there is always the risk that their commitments will change and they will have to step down. You can count on them to be solid attendees most of the time and if they cannot make it, they will let you know. Usually early on the day of the raid at the latest.

Blue carrots are blueberries trying to be planners, whether it be for personal reasons or in order to be able to raid. They will usually not be as flaky as pure blueberries, but they might not be quite as dependable as appley carrots. Expect the odd no-show from a blue carrot.


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